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Modern Rapier

Price: $940.00
Includes S&H in Continental US ($150 savings)
6 to 8 weeks delivery

Modern Rapier

The first weapon of its kind The Modern Rapier is only a unique work of art but also a full-scale rapier designed specifically for the modern fencer!

This is not a sport device! This is a real weapon for Martial Arts Practice.

It Features:
  • Excellent balance for modern style point control.
  • 1.8lbs Ultra light for a full-scale rapier.
  • Beautifully crafted 303 stainless steel hilt. (no reason to use carbon steel on the hilt)
  • An ergonomic Italian/Spanish and French handle
  • Multiple grip configurations that are very comfortable in the hand.
  • A true ricasso that is it is not covered by another piece of metal or wood preserving strength.
  • Lateral blade to thumb configuration, as in modern sport Epees
  • Vertical quillons that allow your hand when fixed in Italian style to turn the reverse quillon completely vertical, useful for blade trapping techniques.
  • Triangular un sharpened Del Tin blade designed from a historical example in the Marzoli Museum in Brescia.
  • Recessed blade shoulder™. This add strength by recessing the blades shoulder within the quillon block surrounding the tang in 1/8” 303 stainless steel
It is not a pistol grip because those style grips fix your hand in one position while this provides full versatility including switching hands.

This weapons is fully serviceable so you can replace the blade with one of your choice but you will loose the Recessed shoulder unless properly mounted.

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Ben M (Chicago) 2/12/2012 10:14 AM
I ordered one of the first ones made and couldn't believe how fluid and balanced it is. It's thrilling to hold and every time I pick it up the urge to use it is very compelling. The balance makes it feel lighter than expected from the draw and heft. I've owned custom and replica historic rapiers for years as well as numerous sport weapons and this is a real weapon like nothing else I’ve held. It's also a custom work of art for a shockingly reasonable price and great turnaround time. I have it on my fireplace mantle and non-fencers compliment the design (they have no concept that it is a modern innovation and increadibly effective in the hand of any fencer).
Joe I (New York) 2/5/2012 3:38 PM
This is quite simply the best fencing weapon around. It is a must for all modern fencers who want a real sword that actually feels right in your hand. All of my friends both fencers and non-fencer say the same thing. This is the most beautiful weapon they have ever seen.
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